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Chris Iwerks was selected to design a public art installation as part of the Intermodal Transportation Center Architecture. The Stories on the GO project graphically merges images of transportation and human movement with fragments of historically significant texts concerned with movement, travel, and journeys. The work entails 12 large glass panels, six feet by twelve feet, with printed interlayers of images and text. Seen from a distance, the texts and monochrome images depict scenes of movement – from parts of trains and buses to people in motion by foot and bicycle. Up close, the text and images present a more complex canvas where the story weaves in and out of the image. Literary sources were selected for a variety of views on the theme of travel, ranging from Homer (The Odyssey), HG Wells (The Time Machine), and Thoreau (Walking), to the poetry of Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost.

The glass panels serve functionally as wind screens beneath the steel canopies of the bus loading area. Set atop a series of custom wood benches, each glass panel is illuminated by a concealed, programmable LED lighting system that will charge the entire bus area at night with a virtual light show.

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